Every national (except Kenyans) need a visa to enter Ethiopia. Single-entry 1 -3 month tourist visas can be issued upon arrival at the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa for most European, US, Australian and Canadian nationals (click here to see complete list). There is confusing information about whether you pay for visas with US Dollars (you need to prove you have at least $100) or Ethiopian currency (which you can get at the bureau de change at the airport). Either way, you'll also need 2 passport size photographs. To get the most current visa information; for business visas and multiple-entry tourist visas, contact your local Ethiopian Embassy.
Proof of an onward or return ticket is frequently asked for upon arrival in Ethiopia. If you are planning to enter Ethiopia by land, you should obtain a tourist visa in advance from your local Ethiopian Embassy. Visas issued by embassies are valid from their date of issue so take this into consideration.

For Healthy Trip
When taking longer air trips walk up and down the aisle few times during the flight. You can also give your neck, wrists and ankles circular movements to help your circulation. To minimize the effect of jet-lag, eat light and cut down on caffeine starting 48 hours prior to your trip. A flue and a flight may mean an ear trouble for you. If you have a cold get the advice of medical professional to avoid an ear problem before taking the flight. This is especially very important for young children.

At the airport
Check in times for domestic flights are one hour prior departure. For international flights you must check in minimum of two hours prior to your departure. Late arrivers may be denied boarding when flights are overbooked. Some airlines assign seats only at the airport, so that you may have the seat you want or to be able to seat together with other members of your family try to arrive to the airport two to three hours prior to departure. Request your seat assignment, if possible at the time of your reservation. If you have a problem at the airport such as a missed flight or a lost luggage or a cancelled reservation do not speak to busy agent. Speak to a supervisor or a customer representative directly.

Medicine & Package

Prior to entry, visitors should be in possession of a valid health certificate for yellow fever. Vaccination against cholera is also required for any person who has visited or transited a cholera-infected area within six days prior to arrival in Ethiopia.

The country code for calling Ethiopia is 251. The Ethiopian dialing plan changed on September 17, 2005, such that the two-digit city code changed to three digits (or, from outside the country, one to two digits) and six-digit telephone numbers changed to seven digits. The city code for Addis Ababa, as of Sept. 17, 2005, is 011 (or 11 from outside Ethiopia). An on-line telephone number converter, which will convert an old number to the new number, is available here. Ethiopia uses GSM network and operated by Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation. Currently there are decent coverage around big cities such as Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Harar, Dese, Gonder, Mekele, and Nekemete. It is expanding into small cities.There are numerous internet cafes in Addis Ababa and other cities. Within Addis Ababa, connection speeds are more than adequate for performing tasks such as checking ones e-mail.

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